Importance of Sessions with a Psychologist in San Francisco Posted By : Sean Reynolds

Each person has his own struggles in life be it in his professional or private life. The challenges at hand in one’s existence come not only in the present but also in the different stages of life. Some people are greatly affected by their past which makes them incapable of achieving greater goals or gaining satisfaction or happiness. In the same way, distraction on the fast or slow pace of their lives right now constitutes the life of some people. While these people are anxious about the present, others shoulder so much stress in worrying about the future.

The Painful Truth: Reading is a waste of your time if you dont use it. Posted By : michaelj

Like a good recipe, you must follow the instruction once, and forever never more remember it like white on rice. Isn’t that kind of scary to think that after all that glorious reading, everything you just read has been a complete waste of your time unless you actually did something with it? If you were ever in an institution that educates people you would be used to tests and exams. Which in an effort to help you retain all that information, it might have been a challenging test, but look how much you remember? Otherwise no matter how much you study the material, you will never remember it..

8 Things To Consider If You Want To Live Your Dream Posted By : A Wolski

Yet, any individual can face confusions todinefor regardless of age and other similarly restricting factors. The obstacles that each and every individual encounters consist of not only physical concerns but also emotional and mental might have been a challenging test, but look how much you remember? Otherwise no matter how much you study the material, you will never remember it..

Becoming Peaceful and Powerful Posted By : Pat Kenn

Bijan Anjomi, a Las Vegas resident and visionary for world peace discusses two related items in this article, music therapy and mind mastery. First the value longlewisriverregionford of music therapy, and his recent re-release of his powerful and high-vibration song, Its Mine and in the second part he gives us insight to understanding the power of our minds. He tells us that everyone is a master of their lives. Once you know and understand the power of your mind, then and only then you become an awakened master.

Fearing the Violent Teenager Posted By : A Wolski

One of the unfortunate realities of life is that of teen violence. This may be violence in the school, violence of dating partners, or violent tendencies in the teenager themselves. Often these young people come from normal families where they have had a good upbringing and everything they needed. So why is this phenomenon happening?

A Treatise On The Romantic Nature Of The Soaring Human Spirit, As Corrupted By The Sinister Temptation Of Anonymity Posted By : Dantalion Jones

Forgive me the binary nature of the question some might say that as long as we’re defying the laws of both Einstein’s Physical Universe and Particle Physics, why then must we accept that two of the inifinite number of enhanced senses, reflexes, and neurological phenomena are mutually exclusive? Why not flight and invisibility?

I Always Knew that I had My Mothers Unconditional Love. Posted By : KerryJ

In my retirement I find myself seeking recognition by dedicating my life to recognizing others. I have created two websites, and SmartestofUS Both are lists of people who excel because I believe that people who do excel have the confidence instilled in them at an early age that they have the ability to excel, to be the best. I believe that this confidence comes from an enabler, a parent or a mentor.

Criticism: A Biblical Perspective Posted By : Johnson Philip

Criticism has been labeled as the sweetest sin. This seems to be true if we evaluate it by the amount of criticism and gossip in which the children of God indulge. However, the end is only bitter. In this article the author challenges his readers to recognize the true nature of this sin and flee from it.